Seepage Control Inc. - Sealing Lakes and Ponds with ESS-13

ESS-13 is pumped or poured directly into the water at a pre-determined application rate. The seepage in your pond will decrease 60% to 90% initially, and this original rate will continue to improve with time.

Waterborne Lake and Pond Sealing Method

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The ESS-13 “Spray-On Formulation” can save 75% or more off the installation costs of other lake sealing methods.

Repairing Lakes and Ponds with the Spray-On Method

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ESS-13 is pre-mixed with our E-13 compaction aid, pumped in pre-measured quantities into the soil with conventional earth moving equipment. The treated soil is then compacted in two consecutive six inch layers.

Treated and Compacted Method of Fixing Lakes and Ponds

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Architectural Details

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ESS-13 Spray-On Liner System

Eroded Concrete Shoreline with ESS-13 Spray-On Liner

Pipe Penetration with Treated Soil

Pipe Structure Seal

Architectural Details of Spray-On Liners