Professional Recommendations

“Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering, Inc. (PACE) is a water resources consulting firm with specialization in water, wastewater, stormwater, and recreational water projects. We have done projects locally as well as projects throughout the country and from Egypt, to the Unted Arab Emirates, China, and Russia. Some of our projects include the Santa Paula Wastewater Treatment Plant (3.4MGD) for the City of Santa Paula, California, the Mountain House Water Reclamation Facility (3.0 MGD) for Mountain House, California, and the Grizzly Ranch water treatment and distribution infrastructure in Portola, California.”

“We highly recommend Seepage Control and their products for our projects. We have worked with them for many years and have trusted their judgment and advice on the systems that we design.”

“I am writing to commend you and your product in regards to the successful soil sealant of our lake bottoms. I consider the lake bottoms completely leak free with no evidence of loss of water.”

“As you might remember, there was one lake that I questioned to be losing water, that was in fact losing 0.75 inches a day. After dispensing the ESS-13 into that lake and to present date there is no sign of seepage into the surrounding soil. In fact, during the process of installing sprinkler systems we have trenched within 2 feet of the lake’s edge (directly behind the concrete collar) at a depth of 28 inches and found completely dry soil.”

“I feel that your system has provided UDC Homes with a durable, maintenance free lake bottom at a considerable savings over other possible systems.”

Bartholomew Engineering, Inc. oversaw the testing of the completed liner project at Central Arizona College for the north wastewater pond. Upon completion of the testing it was determined that the seepage from the pond was 249.53 gal/day. This was well within the compliance standard established by ADEQ of 550 gal/day. “The liner installation passed the seepage test.”