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CITY PARK - 80 Acres

Memphis, Tennessee

Shelby Farms Park

Seepage Control, Inc. was honored to be a key part of this $52 million improvement project at Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, Tennessee.

Our ESS-13 lake sealant was used to seal the 80-acre Patriot Lake (recently renamed Hyde Lake). Called the "most ambitious park improvement ever conducted in Memphis" this entire project is focused around the lake, so ensuring that it holds water was the key to making the entire project a success.

Our ESS-13 Treated and Compacted soil system was chosen primarily for:

  1. Our successful history on large critical projects
  2. The durability & longevity of the seal (designed to be permanent)
  3. Almost 60 years of experience as a lake sealing company

We worked for several years with engineers, designers and contractors to plan & implement the seal on this beautiful lake which will be the centerpiece of the park for years to come.

Originally Patriot Lake was about 52 surface acres. In order to accommodate more boating and recreational options it was expanded in size to about 80 acres.


Bill Dance Signature Lakes - Holly Springs, Mississippi

Twin Oaks Stables

The lake at Twin Oak Stables is located on a family ranch in Mississippi. The lake was built about two years prior to our involvement in the project but the owner had not been able to maintain the water level. Seepage Control, Inc. was privileged to be able to partner with Bill Dance Signature Lakes and develop a strategy to overcome the many obstacles associated with this project.

In some areas within the lake the soil was very sandy and not suitable for a soil liner. Our on-site representative was able to assist in locating higher quality soil and this soil, combined with ESS-13, was used to create a permanent soil lining system. The dam, as it was originally designed, was insufficient to support the 35-acre, 25-foot deep lake and was actively leaking. Our on-site representative oversaw the widening and reconstruction of the dam with the inclusion of ESS-13. There was a significant amount of dirt that needed to be moved during this process. Throughout the project rain showers caused delays. Due to weather constraints and the size of the lake the liner was built in sections starting from the deepest point and the lake was filled as construction progressed.

Today the lake is full and any remaining water loss is due primarily to evaporation. The lake has been stocked with bass and a variety of vegetation and features a beautiful boathouse/fishing pier. Our client is extremely pleased to see their project turned into what they had envisioned many years before.

Every lake seems to have unique challenges and by involving the expertise of our field representatives, our ESS-13 products, and our construction techniques we are able to overcome these challenges resulting in a successful project.


Tehachapi, California

Tehachapi State Prison

After working with Boyle Engineering (later purchased by AECOM) for ten years, Seepage Control, Inc. was very pleased to finally proceed with the California Correctional Institution at Tehachapi Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project. Numerous other products were considered, but laboratory testing proved that the combination of the ESS-13 Treated and Compacted Formulation and ESS-13 Spray-On Formulation would not only meet the requirements, but would work within the budget constraints for the project.

The project included more than 19 total surface acres of sewage lagoon to be sealed. In addition to being involved during the engineering specification process, our representatives attended the pre-bid and pre-construction meetings and our on-site representative was very actively involved in the soil selection process. We were also on site providing quality control supervision during the entire construction of the lagoon liners.

As with many of our larger projects, efficiency was greatly increased by the ability to use multiple pieces of large construction equipment. The specifications called a for a synthetic liner on the side slopes with ESS-13 on the lagoon floor. The State experienced a dramatic cost savings by not covering the entire floor with the synthetic liner. In addition, the ESS-13 part of the project took a fraction of the time compared to the installation of the synthetic liner even though the area covered by ESS-13 was much larger.

During the construction process the job had to be halted several times due to rain and snow. Those on site remarked that if they had decided to use bentonite, another option considered, it would have been nearly impossible to keep dry during that wet season.


Sugarland, Texas

Riverstone Development

The Riverstone Development master-planned community near Sugarland, Texas encompasses over 3,700 acres. One of the focal points of this subdivision is a beautiful 76-acre, man-made lake.

The engineer’s specification for the lake lining was 2’ of 25 pi soil. Unfortunately, the on-site soil would not meet this standard and the developer was faced with importing the necessary clay – a very expensive proposition.

The decision was made to utilize ESS-13 as manufactured by Seepage Control, Inc. Not only was the contractor able to use the on-site soil, but because of the incorporation of ESS-13, approval was given to create the lining system with just 12” of soil. ESS-13 was incorporated into soils ranging from 15 to 25 pi. The savings in construction costs alone more than paid for the cost of the ESS-13.

Prior to the construction of the lake the whole region had been experiencing drought conditions for several years. In the early stages of construction, however, the area experienced its wettest season in recent history. Although the wet weather caused construction delays, there was no damage to the previously placed soil lining system from the storms.

In addition to overseeing the installation of the ESS-13 Treated and Compacted lining system, Seepage Control Inc's on-site representatives were able to assist with and make recommendations for repairing a number of structural flaws that had developed prior to Seepage Control, Inc. being on-site.

There were many advantages in using ESS-13 such as: a substantial savings in construction time over having to import 2’ of off-site clay, the experience and expertise of the on-site representatives,the flexibility of the system to accommodate the unpredictable weather, as well as the warranty provided by Seepage Control, Inc.

This area is steadily growing and the Riverstone lake will continue to be a beautiful attraction to the area for many years to come.